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ADHA is the largest professional organization representing the interests of dental hygienists. GDHA proudly represents over 7,000 dental hygienists in Georgia.
GDHA is part of the American Dental Hygienists Association tripartite structure and all GDHA members are ADHA members, as well as members of their local components.
Members enjoy professional support, educational programs, and numerous opportunities for participation in association decision-making.
Member benefits include up-to-date information about emerging technologies, insights into clinical practice, opportunities to establish and network with one’s peers, and timely alerts on legislative developments affecting the practice of dental hygiene in Georgia.
With your support, we can carry out our mission to advance the art and science of dental hygiene, and to promote the highest standards of education and practice in the profession.
New & Former Members
For new and former ADHA /GDHA members click here to get started.


Alternative Membership Applications

 Testimonial from Sarah Lawrence

'Okay, I’m going to make myself vulnerable here. I’m not a member of the ADHA. I never have been able to see the value in it. I know, I know. There is power in numbers and they “represent” our profession. I was very involved in SADHA as a student and I LOVED it. I loved being involved in the political side of things and reviewing policy. I don’t know why I never carried it over once I graduated. Even with my student involvement, I’ve just never been able to see why it’s important....until about 2 weeks ago.

I’m a Clinical Representative for Young Dental and we had sponsored a table at the annual session for the state of Kansas. I believe there were about 40 people there. I was amazed at the lack of people that were present! I couldn’t believe it! I assumed there would be WAY more people there since it was the annual session and they were electing new people. Once I realized the lack of attendance, it truly made me sad. I felt like such a hypocrite and then decided I would join the ADHA. How can I expect change to happen within our profession if I’m not willing to do MY part? There is SO much opportunity! I really want to change our profession so we can all be proud of it. It makes me sad that there are almost 10,000 members of a group that are trying to get out of the op. Granted, some of us are still wanting to be a hygienist but just not in a clinical setting. Something needs to change—If I want changes to happen within our profession, I need to start doing something about it and give us a voice!!

We need to change our thinking- instead of asking “What can the ADHA do for me?”, we need to see what WE can do for  ADHA! Once we change our mindset and let go of this thought process, true change will come! We no longer wait for people to speak out for us, WE become the ones speaking out for ourselves and this profession!"

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