GDHA OUTSTANDING DENTIST OF THE YEAR

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Outstanding Dentist of the Year Award application.pdf

The GEORGIA DENTAL HYGIENISTS’ ASSOCIATION offers this award to a Georgia dentist who has shown exemplary respect and support of the dental hygiene community

Criteria: nominations must come from a GDHA hygienist and the nominee must be a licensed Georgia dentist.

Nominee’s Name ____________________________________________________

Nominee’s Address _______________________________________________________


Nominator’s Name ____________________________________________________

ADHA # __________

Nominator’s Address _______________________________________________________


Contact # _________________________________________________________________

Email Address _____________________________________________________________

Relationship to the Nominee __________________________________________________

Please explain, in 200 words or less, why you are nominating this individual for this award.  Please include humanitarian efforts, hobbies, personal/professional awards/accolades and how this individual has shown support for the profession of dental hygiene.

Return completed nomination to the GDHA Awards Chair, Barbara Harrison at:

             Georgia Dental Hygienists' Association Outstanding

                             G.D.H.A. Volunteer of the Year


Name: ______________________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________


Contact Number: (_______) ___________________________Cell or Home (circle one)

 Work Phone: (_______) ___________________________________

​Component: ________________________________________________________

Nominated by: ______________________________________________________


Comments: Write a brief narrative explaining the reasons for nominating the candidate for this award. The award is based on the current years’ service.  Please be as specific as possible in the narrative explaining the service of the candidate. 

A nominee information form will be forwarded to the candidate upon receipt of this form.

Deadline for submission is two months before the GDHA Annual Conference


Return completed form to the VOTY Awards Chair Barbara Harrison at: