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Coronal Polishing/Rubber Cup Prophy and Topical Fluoride Applications for the GA Dental Assistant


The purpose of this 8-hour course is to educate dental assistants in Georgia to perform a “Rubber Cup Prophy” (Coronal Polishing procedure) on patients with primary dentition pursuant to the requirements established

by O.C.G.A. § 43-11-74, Georgia Board of Dentistry (the “Board”) Rule 150-9-.01 which states; “Dental assistants may use rubber cup prophy on a patient with primary dentition under the direct supervision of a licensed dentist in accordance with any guidelines or rules established by the board. Dental assistants shall meet any education, training, or other requirements as established by the board".


Georgia BOD Policy on Coronal Polishing “Training for Dental Assistants” (found on Page 12 of the GBD Policy Manual:

A dental assistant with at least one year of prior chairside experience or a graduate of an approved dental assisting program is eligible to attend an 8-hour pre-approved course of study that includes didactic and clinical applications necessary for coronal polishing (“rubber cup prophy”) and shall include:

• Ethics and Georgia jurisprudence related to coronal polishing

• Identify the potential risks, indications, and contraindications for coronal polishing

• Understand the definition of plaque, types of stain, calculus, and related terminology • Dental anatomy and morphology for the proper identification of adult and child dentition

• Principles of coronal polishing including, but not limited to:

  1. Armamentarium;

  2. Proper positioning used/ergonomics;

  3. Preferred polishing technique using a stable fulcrum;

  4. Abrasive polishing agents commonly used in coronal polishing;

  5. Polishing coronal surfaces of teeth on a typodont using a slow speed handpiece

• Indications for professionally applied topical fluoride agents for caries prevention

• Fluoride Delivery Methods


To be eligible to attend the GDHA Coronal Polishing Course the dental assistant must meet one of the following criteria:

1)    Be a graduate of a one (1) year accredited dental assisting program or a dental assisting program approved by the Board, or

2)    Have been employed as a chair side assistant by a licensed dentist for a continuous ​​twelve (12) month period within the previous three (3) years.  

3) In Addition, the candidate must have a high school diploma, or the equivalent thereof and proof of current CPR certification.

Part 1: Morning Didactic Instruction:

Students will receive didactic instruction on:

• Coronal polishing rationale

• Stains and deposits

• Methods, equipment (armamentarium) and materials for coronal polishing and fluoride delivery

• Infection control 

Part 2: Afternoon Clinical Instruction
Begin clinical instruction to allow for the development of coronal polishing skills and fluoride delivery:

Laboratory and clinical activity will include:

– use of a slow speed handpiece

– armamentarium

– operator and patient positioning

– polishing technique

– polishing agents

– polishing the coronal surfaces of teeth on a typodont

Attendees will receive a course handout, a certificate of completion and will be provided the following resource links for informational purposes:  

Georgia Board of Dentistry website 

Georgia Board of Dentistry Rules & Regulations

No Coronal Polishing courses have been scheduled.  Check back for more information

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