The Georgia Dental Hygienists’ Association supports broadening the scope of dental hygiene practice through state dental boards and/or dental practice acts to meet the health care needs of the public. This would

enable the dental hygienist to provide preventive and therapeutic services for all people.

State and federal legislation and policy affect your career by determining how and where you can practice dental hygiene. The ADHA/GDHA supports you and your interests at the local, state and federal levels by making sure that legislators and decision makers are aware of your positions on practice issues.

We work with policy makers and stakeholders to promote policies that encourage increased availability of oral health care and work on advocacy efforts to allow dental hygienists to practice to the full extent of their dental hygiene education and licensure.

GDHA works on your behalf to:

  • Promote the advancement of the dental hygiene profession

  • Promote the oral health of the public

  • Promote access to oral health

Dental Hygiene Appreciation Day will be held at the Capitol on Thursday, February 13, 2020

Contact GDHA Advocacy Chair Suzanne Newkirk

The Georgia Dental Hygienists' Association represents over 7,000 licensed dental hygienists in the state. GDHA works with key legislators on issues and bills affecting dental hygiene in Georgia.
General Supervision Toolkit
The purpose of this toolkit is to aid dental care providers (i.e. dental hygienists, dentists) and interested stakeholders (i.e. administrators, medical providers) in how to utilize dental hygienists working under general supervision.

2017 HB 154, allows Dental Hygienists to perform preventive functions under general supervision passed the legislature.  The bill went into effect January 1,  2018.  

Review House Bill 154 :


Join Our Legislative Network Today! RDHCare

What is RDHCare?
RDHCare is a network of dental hygienists who are interested in participating in the legislative process as it relates to issues involving the practice of dental hygiene, as well as other issues related to health care.

To this end, we have formed a separate communication network to notify such hygienists of events of interest. If you are interested, please contact Suzanne Newkirk,

Dental Hygiene Appreciation  Day Schedule

Meet in RM 630 at the Coverdell Legislative Office Building

Welcome: GDHA President. Kendra Mckune, RDH, BS. 
Opening Remarks and 1 CEU Course "Learn how to be an advocate for life".  presented by GDHA Lobbyist, Charles Craig


GDHA will be providing information on the important issues affecting dental hygienists and the oral health of Georgians. 

9:45-10:00 Prepare for the picture with the Governor

10:00-10:30  Picture with the Governor

10:30-12:00  Meet with your personal elected Representatives

Be sure to wear your white lab coat and best smile. 
We will be taking photos during this event! 

Georgia Dental Hygienists’ Association

A Constituent of the American Dental Hygienists' Association Representing Dental Hygienists throughout the State of Georgia.

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