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Depending upon the number of interventions, the dental hygiene care plan may implemented in one preventive/wellness visit or several therapeutic visits before a continuing or maintenance plan is established. Health promotion and self-care are integral aspects of the care plan that should be customized and implemented according to patient interest and ability.

I. Review and confirm the dental hygiene care plan with the patient/caregiver.
II. Modify the plan as necessary and obtain any additional consent.
III. Implement the plan beginning with the mutually agreed upon first prioritized intervention.
IV. Monitor patient comfort.
V. Provide any necessary post-treatment instruction.
VI. Implement the appropriate self-care intervention; adapt as necessary throughout future interventions. VII. Confirm the plan for continuing care or maintenance.
VIII. Maintain patient privacy and confidentiality.
IX. Follow-up as necessary with the patient (post-treatment instruction, pain management, self-care).

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Implementation is the act of carrying out the dental hygiene plan of care. Care should be delivered in a manner that minimizes risk; optimizes oral health; and recognizes issues related to patient comfort including pain, fear, and/or anxiety. Through the presentation of the dental hygiene care plan, the dental hygienist has the opportunity to create and sustain a therapeutic and ethically sound relationship with the patient.

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